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AK Science Research Intemational Co. AK Science Asia Co.,LTD

Get tested at the following laboratories accredited by the FDA.
From that moment on, your product has passed an important gateway into the USA market.
Microbac Laboratories Inc. conducts tests for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals, bottled water, pesticides, plastic types, new materials, healthy food, pesticide residues, and environmental pollutants for entry into the United States.
Nutrition analysis, quality inspection, safety inspection, animal inspection
FDA Laboratory Services Int'l.,
U.S.Laboratory Services Int'l.,
Pharmaceutical & Environmental Analytical Laboratories
North America Science Associate Inc.
The head office is an inspection agency of the FDA located in Los Angeles, California, USA. This research institute plays a voting role in the US Food and Drug Administration's registered research activities and conducts the quality analysis and evaluation of all items regulated by the FDA.

Products sold in the United States and foreign products imported to the United States are evaluated for quality by applying the same standards as products in the U.S., and suitability is assessed according to FDA standards. Therefore, FDA Global is an essential institution for any people who plan to export to the United States or for Korean business people who plan to internationalize their products in line with the new world economic order.

If you pass FDA standards for products certified by this inspection agency, your company's status and product reliability will be further enhanced.
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