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[Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Center-CFSAN] is in-charge of the cosmetics administration in the FDA.
Cosmetics must comply with the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act.
In general, there are many cases in which US importers request FDA inspection results from exporters to avoid their liability.
The most important thing in cosmetic inspection is the safety of the product.
We are requesting data to prove that cosmetics are harmless to the human body, but we recommend a slightly more difficult skin test than a safety test. If there is a label saying that it is a cosmetic and used for treatment or prevention purposes, it is considered a drug and sometimes puts importers in trouble.
Applicable Regulations 21CFR 700-740 FDA generally classifies cosmetics into the following categories:
① Skincare: Cream, lotion, powder, spray, etc.
② Fragrance
③ Eye makeup
④ Manicure product
⑤ Make-up other than the eye: Lipstick, foundation, brush, etc.
⑥ Hair dyeing
⑦ Shampoo, permanent wave, and other hair products
⑧ Deodorant
⑨ Shaving product
⑩ Baby product: Shampoo, Lotion, powder, etc.
⑪ Bath oil and bubble bath
⑫ Mouthwash: toothpaste
⑬ Sunscreen, sunburn prevention product